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Cutimed® Siltec
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This comparison shows the difference in Minimal risk of maceration
size between dry (left) and soaked (right) super-absorbers. Hydrogen bridges bind the water so securely that, even when subject to pressure, the water is not released.


Cutimed® Siltec has been developed to facilitate exudate management. On the one hand, the silicone layer provides for gentle adherence to the surrounding skin and minimum discomfort when changing the dressing. Newly formed tissue enjoys optimal protection under a moist environment. On the other hand, the foam core with super-absorbers ensures reliable absorption in slightly to heavily exuding wounds. Moreover, this core has an excellent retention capacity, even under compression.


  • venous leg ulcers
  • diabetic ulcers
  • arterial ulcers
  • skin grafts

Silicone = Protection

Painfree and atraumatic dressing changes

The perforated silicone layer ensures most gentle adherence to the skin surrounding the wound without any adhesion in the moist wound.

Best possible protection for new tissue

The very evenly perforated silicone layer protects the new, fragile layer of epidermal cells which contributes to the healing process.

Fluid handling capacity

Reliable retention

Super-absorbent particles in the foam core do not only absorb a multiple of their own weight – they reliably bind exudate, even under compression. The polyurethane film on the outside of the dressing is permeable to vapours but prevents wound exudate from strike- through.

Minimal risk of maceration


Ordering information

Cutimed Siltec performance


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