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Cutimed® Siltec Sacrum
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The self-adherent foam dressing to reliably fit the sacral area.

In order to ensure reliable exudate management when treating sacral ulcers, BSN medical has developed Cutimed® Siltec Sacrum. This bordered foam dressing is particularly shaped to fit the awkward sacral area, offering an extra-thick wound pad for a high absorption capacity, plus providing additional cushioning.


  • 5 mm wound pad (with super- absorbers) for moderate to high exudate levels and cushioning effect
  • wide, all-round adhering border
  • silicone wound contact layer for painfree and atraumatic removal
  • particularly shaped to fit the sacral region
  • shape allows for secure adherence with reduced friction and shear when immobile patient is repostioned
  • available in 2 sizes


  • primary dressing for shallow pressure ulcers
  • secondary fixation on deep pressure ulcers (covering products like e.g. Cutimed® Cavity)

Ordering information:

REF No.SizeDressings/box
72647-0017.5 cm x 17.5 cmPack of 5
72647-0123 cm x 23 cmPack of 5


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