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So gentle, so absorbent. On the one hand, particularly soft and smooth, on the other hand sterile and absorbent. Its combination of versatile product features makes Leukomed® the number one choice in wound dressings. Indications: Following sur...

Leukomed® I.V.

Various shapes and sizes ensure secure and lasting fixation of central and peripheral venous catheters and cannulae with injection port. Leukomed® I.V. film protects reliably against infection. Ultra-thin for high vapour transmission The ultra-t...

Leukomed® T

See it clearly Leukomed® T. For secure transparent fixation. Leukomed® T secures cannulae, compresses and other medical aids, making them waterproof and bacteria proof. Non-secreting wounds are also carefully protected from friction and shear. Good...

Leukomed® T plus

No limits for your patients. Everyday activities and comfort from the very start. When it comes to washing, showering, bathing, etc., Leukomed® T plus allows patients to quickly resume their everyday activities. And there is no risk: the transparent...

Leukoplast® Sleek

The surgical tape should be matched to the patient’s skin and its specific use. Leukoplast® is recommended when particularly secure fixation is required. Product characteristics Reliable Zinc oxide caoutchouc adhesive ensures exceptional high...

Leukosan® Strip

Leukosan® Strip – the new generation of wound closure strips innovative combination of excellent materials knitted fabric for optimal elasticity air and moisture permeable for strong adhesion and skin- friendliness ...


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