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BSN medical offers professional functional bandages. The elasticized tubular support and compression bandages provides consistent pressure and support.

Tensogrip® - Tubular Elastic Support Bandage

Tubular Elastic Support Bandage Tensogrip® is an elasticized, tubular support bandage, ideal for the effective management of strains, sprains and soft tissue injuries. It provides consistent pressure and support over varying body contours and is co...

Elastogrip® - Tubular Elastic Compression Bandages

Tubular Elastic Compression Bandage Elastogrip® is a polyester and spandex tubular elastic compression bandage which provides consistent and even compression that requires no taping. Indications Medium to high support and compression Post cast...

Tricofix® - Tubular Mesh Bandage

Tubular Mesh Bandage Tricofix® protects skin surface under compression, casts or lymphedema wrapping. Its mesh construction increases breathability and conformability. Indications Protection of skin under compression Lining for lymphedema wra...


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