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Elastolex® - Superior Non-Adhesive Elastic Support Bandage
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Superior Non-Adhesive Elastic Support Bandage

This non-adhesive bandage is made of high-quality fibers interwoven with rubber threads of high tensile strength, to provide controlled and consistent pressure.


  • Compression of heavily swollen sprains and strains
  • Control of edema after removal of casts
  • Orthopedic support
  • Compression dressing
  • Post-surgical dressing

Features and Benefits

  •  High quality cloth for longer wear
  •  Non adhesive
  •  High compression for maximum support
  •  Long stretch

Ordering information


BSN Medical Canada
4455 autoroute Laval W,
suite 255
Laval (QC) Canada H7P 4W6

 Tel: 1-877-978-5526
 Fax: 1-877-978-9703