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From arm slings to elbow supports, Actimove® design and material innovations combine essential stability with flexibility and comfort for successful therapy and optimum compliance. Actimove® Sling features our versatile Y-tab hook fasteners. While maintaining stability, this system allows for individual adjustment to position and fit for a wide range of patients. Comfort is likewise a top priority, particularly for elbow supports. Actimove®’s unique knitted structure and Motion Comfort Zone ensure therapeutic compression without the constriction that can reduce compliance with inferior products.

Actimove® EpiMotion

Actimove® EpiMotion elbow support features an innovative knitting structure combining excellent fit with optimized targeted compression. It promotes improved blood circulation and lymphatic flow, reducing local edemas and swelling for better pain re...

Actimove® EpiSport

Actimove® EpiSport is a specially designed Elbow Brace made from elastic, flexible, durable and latex free material. Actimove® EpiSport reduces discomfort and pain caused by any kind of acute and chronic Epicondylitis. It features systematically co...

Actimove® Sling

Versatile Upper Limb Support The Actimove® Sling on a roll is a convenient support system for the upper extremity. The combination of a strap with the strong Y-tab hook closures offers users and patients an easy-to-adjust arm support. Custom fit fo...


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