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Designed with ease of application and patient comfort in mind, synthetic casting materials come in fiberglass and polyester varieties. More durable casts, with high conformability, fast setting times and load bearing after just 20 minutes, drive patient compliance.

Delta-Lite® Plus

Delta-Lite® Plus is designed to ensure excellent rigid support. Thanks to its light but strong fiberglass substrate and resin formula it has become the trusted solution for all fractures requiring strong and lasting support. Strong yet light fiberg...

Delta-Cast® Conformable

Superior handling is an outstanding feature of Delta-Cast® Conformable. Its high conformability and the benefits of a new resin formulation guarantee problem-free application and superb anatomically molded casts....

Delta-Cast® Elite

Ease of application is one of the most desired product features in the application of cast tapes. Delta-Cast® Elite is a light-weight, non-fiberglass but rigid cast which was designed to offer ease of application combined with a high level of patien...

Delta-Cast® Prints

The Playful Solution Reliable, consistent working time: Set time 3-5 minutes / full weight-bearing in approximately 20 minutes Ease of application and molding Clear radiograph viewing World’s only printed casting material Delta-Cast® Print...

Delta-Cast® Soft

The new fiberglass-free Delta-Cast® Soft was designed to provide functional support to fractures and soft tissue injuries. Its semi-rigidity allows for more flexibility and mobility, thus helping to reduce immobilization-related problems such as atr...


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