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These Natural and Synthetic Stockinettes are conformable and provide 2x to 5x stretch. Delta-Dry® stockinette can turn a synthetic cast into a water resistant one.

Delta-Net® / Protouch®

Synthetic Stockinette Delta-Net® / Protouch® synthetic stockinettes stretch to more than twice their widths to conform comfortably to complex anatomies. They are suitable for use with synthetic or plaster casting materials and are contained in an ...

Protouch® Cotton

Cotton Stockinette Protouch® cotton stockinette is designed for patient protection under plaster of Paris and synthetic casting materials. It is contained in an easy-to-use dispensing box for easy storage and handling. Features and Benefits Hig...

Delta-Dry® Stockinette & Softliner

Water Resistant Stockinette Delta-Dry® Stockinette and padded stockinette, Softliner, are the only water resistant stockinettes on the market. Features and Benefits Allows patients to shower, swim, bathe and wash hands Reduces odor under the c...

Delta Terry-NetTM S & Spica

Synthetic Terry Cloth Stockinette Delta Terry-Net™ S synthetic terry cloth stockinette is constructed of non-absorbent synthetic fibers that do not hold moisture against the skin. The terry-net design provides additional padding and stretches to f...


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