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Natural and synthetic padding protect bony prominences and provide patient comfort during the treatment with a cast. Water repellent materials turn a synthetic cast into a water resistant one.

Protouch® Plus

Synthetic Cast Padding Protouch® Plus is made of a non-absorbent synthetic material that contains an odor controlling agent. It does not hold moisture against the skin. High loft and fleece density provide extra cushioning and patient protection. I...

Sof-Rol® & Sof-Rol® Sterile

Natural Cast Padding Sof-Rol® is a highly absorbent surgical grade rayon suitable for use around wounds. This soft natural material creates a comfortable undercast surface for either synthetic or natural casting materials. Available in sterile vers...

Specialist® 100

Cotton Cast Padding Specialist® 100 has the product features cotton users desire. The soft, 100% cotton material feathers and self-bonds to create a smooth undercast surface. Specialist® 100 is hand-tearable and applies easily. Excellent cohesion ...


Synthetic Cast Padding Delta-Rol® synthetic cast padding is made of a non-absorbent synthetic material that does not hold moisture against the skin. Its conformable stretch allows narrow widths around small anatomies without cutting and tearing. F...

Delta-Dry® Water resistant Cast Padding

Water Resistant Cast Padding Delta-Dry®’s unique patented technology outperforms other water resistant orthopedic products, making Delta-Dry® the best choice for clinicians and a more convenient solution for their patients over traditional cast ...


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