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From cast soles to knee rest, a large variety of casting accessories will aid the cast technician as well as the patient all the way through treatment.

Adjustable Cast Stand

This adjustable cast stand makes applying casts easier and more comfortable for the patient. The upright can be raised or lowered to accommodate clinician and patient. Includes reuseable plastic drip pan. ...

Canvas Cast Shoes

Durable canvas cast shoes, with rocker bottom non-skid sole to facilitate walking, and three reliable straps....

Delta Terry-NetTM Adhesive Felt Padding

Delta Terry-NetTM adhesive felt padding is an adhesive orthopedic felt, used for added patient comfort. Its adhesive backing makes attaching the padding simple and easy. It may also be used as a cast edge padding or to provide protection for bony pro...

Delta Terry-NetTM Adhesive Fleece Edger

Delta Terry-NetTM adhesive fleece edger features a high quality adhesive for secure placement. Its unique stretch allows the user to pad easily around corners and contours, ensuring smooth cast edges. Features and Benefits Highly conformable Uni...

Delta Terry-NetTM Adhesive Hook and Stretch Loop Closures

This easy-to-use product simplifies the Functional Cast Therapy technique. It provides closure without creating the discomfort caused by traditional loops' rough edges. Its high quality adhesive ensures secure placement, and the simple dispensing box...

Delta Terry-NetTM Adhesive Terry Cloth/Foam Padding

Delta Terry-NetTM adhesive cloth/foam padding provides added protection and cushioning by combining a layer of soft terry cloth bonded to 1/8" foam. The adhesive backing makes attaching the padding simple and easy. Features and Benefits Open cell...

Knee Rest

This sturdy foam knee rest is used to aid in positioning a patient's limb for casting and to provide additional patient comfort during the casting process. It is covered in washable vinyl for easy clean-up....

Tensoplast® STK

Adhesive skin traction system applied directly on the skin for non-invasive fracture reduction. Simple and effective, Tensoplast® Skin Traction Kit is used with weights (not included) and offers a reliable traction. (Latex Free)...

Walking Heels - Double Squares

These walking heels with deep tread provide good patient comfort and stability by allowing regular heel-toe walking. The centre slot permits easy and secure application....

Zip Stick

The convenient cast aid provides additional patient protection during cast removal. The stick slides under the cast and provides a smooth path for scissors or cast saw. Standard and metric rule adds functionality....


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